We congratulate Tanishq Abraham for making India proud with his super intelligence. He took entire America by surprise when he was tested for extraordinary intelligence and scored 99.9 percentile.

At 7, he gave lectures to students who were twice of his age.

Today, Tanishq, whose name means "Jewel" in Sanskrit is only 9 and already completed one third of the credits needed for a college degree at the American River College in Sacramento, California.

Tanishq is born to mother Dr Taji, a doctor of veterinary medicine and father 
Bijou Abraham, a software engineer. And he speaks his mother tongue Malayalam at home and wants to become a Scientist.

At 9-years-old he was inducted into genius society Mensa at the age of 4, and scores in the 99.9 percentile on a standardized intelligence test.
Genius: Seen before one class, the 9-year-old boy is described by one geology professor as being at the top of the class, to initial intimidation from other students
Induction: Tanishq was inducted into Mensa at the age of four scoring in the 99.9 percentile on the standardized intelligence test
Genetics: No doubt adding to his family's pride, his little sister Tiara, 6, is in Mensa too scoring in the 98.8 percentile

Check out his video to know more of him

For more be connected with his blog Life of a Child Prodigy, Tanishq

We wish you a bright future ahead, Tanishq!
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