Google Earning Over $100 Million Per Day through Google Adwords Ads [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to a new analysis by WordStream, Google’s flagship product is pulling in over $100 million in search advertising dollars every day. In addition, Google search ads had 5.5 billion impressions per day while the average CPC on Google Search declined to $0.53. This analysis comes just one week after Google’s third quarter 2012 earnings missed high Wall Street expectations. 

The infographic below, prepared by WordStream, shows exactly where Google is getting most of its ad revenues. Unsurprisingly, the finance industry spent the most on Google ads in the third quarter of 2012 and has the highest CPC of any industry in the top 10 with $3.09. Following in second and third place are the travel and shopping industries, which have the highest conversion and click thru rates, respectively.
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