5 Best College Freshmen Jobs

  Going to college as a freshman and being away from your parents is kind a like The Tale of Two Cities. It's the best of times and the worst of times. First of all you get to be away from your helicopter parents and do whatever you want. But on the other hand, unless you are really really special, you ain't got no money.

Life is college freshman is expensive. That's why you need to get a job. You're the top five jobs for a college freshman.

1 – Lab Rat
Head over to the science and research department and see if they have any openings for paid volunteers to do, you guessed it, science research. Science research can be as simple as filling out surveys and questionnaires, or something much more complex like participating in the long-term medical research. These gigs pay and you can make some nice pocket money doing them.

2 – Tutor the Kids
If you got some brains under your baseball cap head down the local middle or or high school and sign up to become a paid tutor. The hours are usually easy to manage and pay it's usually pretty darn good.

3 – Work for the Man
93% of college freshmen have off-campus jobs. I know this isn't a specific college freshman job, but it's a general area of interest. Look for your jobs off-campus, they pay much more than on-campus jobs.

4 – Odd Jobs
Finding ODD jobs to do around town is one of the best college freshman jobs. Washing windows, cars, babysitting, moving companies, bike couriers, or anything else that is a "odd" job. The hours are flexible on the pay is decent making this great college freshman type of job.

5 – Online Surveys
Taking online surveys can pay off. You can earn small prizes, cash rewards, gift certificates, or points for surveys taken. There are legitimate online survey companies out there so get hooked up with one of those. Do your homework to find a company with a good history of paying their survey takers.
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