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Wow..!! An another spectacular step from Firefox & Facebook team. Now you can chat directly with your Facebook friends from Mozilla Firefox. Although Firefox already have given the users an option to choose Facebook Toolbar as a Add-ons  to connect with Facebook easier. Much more than that Firefox team now came with a big bang of its new Social API. Now Lets check out...!!
Firefox  releases a new Social API and a preview of the first social integration with Facebook Messenger for Firefox. Much like the OpenSearch standard, Mozilla’s new Social API lets social services integrate into Firefox in a compelling way and makes it easier to use the Web the way you want. The Messenger shows up on the side of your browser window. The integration allows you to enjoy the features like a social sidebar, toolbar notification buttons and the ability to easily chat with your friends no matter where you are on the Web.  The idea is that you can keep up with what’s happening on the social network without having to constantly switch between tabs in order to do so.That is you can stay connected to your favorite social site even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game or anything you do over the net.

In addition to keeping up with chats, the feature also lets you see instant notifications when new comments are made on your posts and when you’re tagged in photos etc..

As a beta, Firefox  just started with its social integration with Facebook. The new Social API opens the opportunity up for other social networks, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + to take advantage of this new feature.

This is just the beginning; Mozilla plans to add support for more features and multiple providers in the future to make Firefox more social 

You can give try for the new Firefox’s Facebook integration by downloading the latest version of Firefox and then turning the feature on from Facebook.

Now lets check out the tutorial of how to enable this feature:
1. Make sure your Firefox is up to date.
2. Visit the site http://www.facebook.com/about/messenger-for-firefox to turn on the Messenger for Firefox.

 3. Click the Green Button "Turn on"..and then "Log in"...!! Thats it...!! Its Simple and so easy...:)

Once you enable the feature, you’ll get a social sidebar with your Facebook chat and updates, like new comments and photo tags. You’ll also get notifications for messages, friend requests and more that you can respond to right from your Firefox toolbar.

Comment on this if you use and like it...!!
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