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Online degree is simply an academic degree received from an academic institution of excellence that operates with the help of Information Communication Technology devices. These devices enable the institution to operate a knowledge based institution without having to put lecturers in physical contact with their students. A student can sit in one part of the world and then log onto the online degree platform that will enable him or her to communicate with an instructor in another part of the world. In spite of the fact that lecturers and students may be separated by distance, the quality of the online degree is not compromised at all. Lessons are administered to students. Students are able to access further reading resources made available to them through an extensive virtual library resource that comes as a complement to the online university system.

Just like the traditional degree program, online degree can only be awarded to a student after him or she has fulfilled the requirements for the award of the degree. The requirement may differ depending on the degree the student is aiming to achieve.

Requirements of online degrees
Under the online education program, students may enroll into an associate’s degree program, bachelor’s degree program, master’s degree or a doctorate degree in their respective area of specialty. The requirements for the award of an associate’s degree or the bachelor’s degree are similar. These two degree programs require the student to take lessons and then pass a set of exams for the entire duration of the course. At the end of the course, the results obtained by the student will be put together and used in calculating the final grade point average of the student. In most cases, candidates of the bachelor’s degree program are required to conduct research. The results of this research will form part of the requirements for the award of the degree.

The online master’s and doctorate degree candidates will also be required to pass a set of examinations during the period of the program but even more important is the research aspect of these online degrees. The candidate is expected to conduct an independent research into the field of study and by this research, make a significant contribution to that sector. This is a mandatory requirement for research based online degrees. However, if the online degree is not research based, the candidate will have the option of answering a set of essay style questions designed to test the knowledge of the candidate in a particular field.

Accreditation bodies always insist that online universities abide strictly by these laid down requirements for the award of the online degrees. This ensures that the quality of online degrees is maintained at the highest standards.It is important to realize that the requirements governing the award of online degrees are the same as those used by campus based universities. It is very clear that the online degree can be a very important tool to career development. In the same way, it can be used to advance the academic ambitions of the degree holder.

Jared Morrison is the principal administrative secretary at an online university. He has written a lot of articles on online life experience degrees and their significance to the modern world.

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