Infograph of Social Network Usage

"User Activity Comparison Of Popular Social Networking Sites" infograph compares the user stastics of popular social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest as of February 2012.

A Brief History of The iPod

12 years ago Steve Jobs took the stage to introduce the very first iPod.  When released, the iPod wasn’t the first portable digital music player to hit the hands of consumers, but without a clear leader in the space, Apple saw a prime opportunity to dominate market.

You’ll recall the original iPod featured a 5 GB hard drive capable of holding 1,000 songs, a two-inch backlit LCD display with a battery which could last 10 hours on a single charge.

Debuting during the 2001 holiday season, the iPod quickly became THE digital music player everyone wanted.

To commemorate the iPod’s 10th birthday, Cult of Mac created an infograph on “A Brief History of The iPod,”

Do you remember the first iPod you owned?  Which model did you purchase? How many have you owned since then?  Tell your story in the comments!

Did Apple Steal Technology & Ideas?

Did Apple used Beg, Borrow and Steal method?

Apple is the largest and most successful technology company in the world’s history, but how did it arrive at that lofty perch? Did it create all the ideas folded into its shiny gadgets, or did it beg, borrow and steal them?

So the answer is here in the below infographic from, using a variety of sources to arrive at this extensive collection of stats, illustrations and information about Apple and its explosively popular product line.


Vineeth Sreenivasan Marriage Pics


 A Short Bio on Vineeth
Vineeth Sreenivasan is an Indian playback singer, film actor, director, and screenwriter. He is the son of actor Sreenivasan.
A mechanical engineer from KCG TECHNOLOGY, Chennai, Vineeth Sreenivasan is the son of Sreenivasan.
He is a part of the band Malayalee with Jakes Bejoy, Shaan Rahman and Arjun Sasi. He has also acted as one of the main protagonists in the Malayalam film titled Cycle which did well at the box office. Vineeth did his second movie role with his father in the movie Makante Achan.

He writes the lyrics of most of his album songs and has also shown his direction skills, directing his own music videos. His music album Coffee @ MG Road became a super hit instantly. He got first prize in Mappilappattu in the Kerala State Youth Festival 1998, where he outshone his ability for quick wit. When he was asked whether his father liked him singing Mappilappattu, he answered, "He didn't have any hatred towards my Mappilappattu, to my knowledge."

Vineeth won the AMMA Best Male Singer Award 2008 for his songs "Mampullikkavil" and "Jillu Jillu" and also the Best Male new face of the year 2008 by Asianet, for his role in Cycle. Vineeth wrote the script and Lyrics and directed the classic movie Malarvadi Arts Club with seven new young actors. He recently won the Asiavision award for the best debutant director for Malarvadi Arts Club. Thattatin marayathu is the second movie in which he proved his skills as a screenwriter, director and lyricist

Image Courtesy Kerala9, Cine Spot
Courtesy On his Biograph: Wikipedia

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3.41 million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes each year.

780 million people lack access to an improved water source; approximately one in nine people.

 Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.

People living informal settlements (i.e. slums) often pay 5-10 times more per liter of water than wealthy people living in the same city.

So we all have the responsibility of saving our mother earth by saving water. 
We each share responsibility for the sustainable water resourses, which means using less water at home, in the workplace, at school, on holidays....everyone, everywhere, everytime.

7 Brilliant Quotes

Editors Pick:-


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Google It-Do A Barrel Roll

Many of you know this secret. But we are informing this for who dont know about what all fun stuff is there in Google Search. Just Google do a barrel roll. And you will be astonished with what google do with this.......:-)
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Crab Vending Machine

You’ve seen vending machines for soda, snacks, maybe even for expensive electronics. But live crabs? 
Well in Nanjing, China, a company is experimenting with this new way of providing locals with a favorite food to take home and cook. Chinese vending machine which dispenses ACTUAL LIVING CRABS in little plastic containers. The machine stores its Shanghai Hairy Crabs in a state of hibernation at 5 degrees Celsius. They're guaranteed for freshness, and a sign on the machine states that if your crab is dead, you get three free ones for your trouble. Prices range from roughly $1.50 to $7.

Watch the video below

World's first 24 karat gold plated iPhone 5

Offering so much more than before, and so much less, too; thin, sleek, faster, very capable, and more vibrant iPhone 5, the world’s most popular and hottest smartphone now just got a whole lot more stylish.

Typically an iPhone 5 isn't sufficient to actually give enough prestige for the owner. In case the problem is attempt to actually look along at the iPhone 5s with 24-karat gold plated.

As, the London-based Gold & Co., the noted manufacturer of the finest gold-plated bespoke products for discerning individuals, has now unveiled the ultra-luxury edition of the sought-after iPhone5, the world’s first 24 karat gold-plated Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5

 Notably, the demand of the iPhone 5 has been incredible, and it’s been reported that Apple has sold over five million units, just three days after the launch. And, catering to the excitement among the cool-owners, some noted iPhone accessory players already introduced their products, like the world’s most expensive iPhone 5 case for $100,000 and the CalypsoCrystals’ limited edition iPhone 5 cases by Lara Bohinc.
The difficulty value isn't known, a transparent value was so much higher than the reach of most shoppers. Previous gold & co. too provides 64 gb model on your iphone 4s gilded valued usd $ 4300.

Crafted in pure gold, this version of iPhone 5 which is certainly an object of desire will be officially unveiled at the Dubai Mall on 27th September at the Collector’s Palace. With the release of 24 karat gold-plated Gold and Rose Gold iPhone 5, Gold & Co. actually wanted to bring the best in luxury and technology to their loyal clients. Also, we have earlier seen the 24-carat gold-plated iPad 2, which Gold & Co. also unveiled in Dubai, last year.
And, to ensure the exclusivity, each of the gold-plated versions will be individually numbered, and will be presented in a fine, custom made wooden box, along with certificate of authenticity.

This company is known in love with adding slightly of luxury on devices that most people search gadget. Alternative merchandise who have been co-coated with gold by gold & co. among others, the blackberry daring 9900, blackberry porsche style p9981, and apples new ipad.

In that gold-plated smartphone, you'll surely be a priority when using it.

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Difference Between C and C++


Nothing Is Impossible

A short bio of Nick....
Nicholas James Vujicic is an Australian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs.As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organisation, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. He also speaks about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do his work and that God is big enough to overcome any and all disabilities.



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