Travel and Tourism may be described as the process of traveling to various places and staying apart from their usual environment. Their stay may vary from the number of days according to the plan of the traveler. The reason behind traveling might be for spending their holidays, relaxing their mindset, certain business purposes, curiosity to visit places etc. Though there are various leisure activities available, maximum numbers of people prefer traveling as their vocational event as it relaxes from the stress they develop. The tourist spots might be different according to the status of the people but the attitude towards tourism never changes. The tourists traveling have been increasing day by day when compared to previous corresponding years. This travel and tourism department helps the government to work effectively as it earns very good foreign exchange. The amount which is earned through Travel and Tourism is handed over to the appropriate governments. They use this amount for the enhancement of their country. We would come across the golden words, “If a girl is educated, the whole family is educated”, likewise, “If the travel and tourism is developed definitely it would lead to the enrichment of the country”. In order to increase the number of tourists, various tourist agents are working behind it.
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