Choco Cornflakes Pudding

Choco Cornflakes Pudding

1/2 cup - plain cornflakes

1.5 cups - whole milk

1 tbsp - sugar

2 - cardamom pods

Cashew nuts, a few

1 tsp - ghee (to fry)

2 pinches - cocoa powder


1. Roast the cornflakes in ghee and set it aside.

2. Leave it to cool for 5 minutes then grind it to a coarse powder.

3. Roast cashews and keep aside.

4. Add sugar to milk and bring to boil.

5. Add cornflakes powder, crushed cardamoms, cocoa powder and stir well till it becomes thick - of pudding consistency.

6. Add the cashews and mix well.

7. Refrigerate for 15-20 minutes and serve chilled!
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