Top 15 Study Abroad destinations

Check out Top 15 Study Abroad destinations:-

1) UK:
University Of Cambridge, UK
   This capital city of England is home to world's most prestigious universities. With its rich cultural heritage, the city boasts of excellent academic standards. Studying Post graduate degree in the UK makes great sense as you can complete your Masters degree in 1 year and save on the additional years cost. Besides London, there are several good institutes in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Virgin Islands.

2) America:
  Hailed as the most popular study abroad destination for overseas students, America offers excellent institutes which concentrate on overall development of students. USA offers liberal learning experience where students are open to pick up a combination of disciplines and get dual degrees as well.

3) Canada:
Mcgill University -Canada
   Canada is slowly catching up as a popular study abroad destination. The nation has a robust higher education system that includes universities, colleges and university colleges offering degree and diploma courses in a variety of areas ranging from management to engineering, environmental studies, computer science, tourism, hospitality, animation and mass media. In compared to other places, cost of education in Canada is cheaper. Also there are higher number of scholarships available for overseas students and options to work off campus on a part-time basis.

4) New Zealand:
University Of Auckland, Tamaki Campus
    In some niche areas such as dairy technology, horticulture, biotechnology, geothermal energy, forensic science, and marine engineering, New Zealand's qualifications are acknowledged as among the best in the world. Other USPs are secure and learning environment, highly computerized and advanced set for training and affordable prices.

5) Australia:
     Australia is one such destination which is growing in popularity day by day. Every year, thousands of students choose this country to pursue their higher education. This is one such destination which is emerging as new study destination among the students across the world. There are many reasons behind this emerging trend such as cost of study, number of scholarships for international students, living expenses, work opportunities, variety of course options and international recognition of the degree.

6) Singapore:
   According to a report in Economic Times, studying in Singapore has become more worthwhile considering a number of foreign universities have opened their satellite campuses in Singapore to attract the best academic talent in Asia. Another advantage of studying in Singapore is that the government pays 75% of the tuition fee for the student, in exchange the student has to work for 3 years in the country. One must also check out the 5-star program, open to Indian students with outstanding academic merit. 

7) France:
   Study and get settled in one of the most developed economies of the world. French higher education system is modern and dynamic. It trains students to play a central role in the worlds of science, business, and culture. The nation is welcoming to international students and is an ideal place for the student who wants to explore Europe. It's easy, really easy, to reach most of Europe's important cities.
8) Germany:
    Germany offers some of the best institutes for higher studies in Engineering, Automobile design, defence equipments research, Art and German Language. Besides students' grants, students can wean while learning in Germany. 

9) Italy:
   Again, with Italy coming in near the top of the list for vacationers, it’s not a surprise to find it near the top of the list for students. You can easily choose to study in some of the country’s most famous cities – amazing places like Rome or Florence – but don’t limit yourself to the cities you’ve already heard of. For instance, did you know that Europe’s oldest university is in Italy? It is – but it’s not in one of the big tourist centers. Instead, it’s in Bologna. And while Pisa may be most well-known for it’s leaning tower, the city is also home to a popular university. Other Italian cities worth looking into for their study abroad programs are Verona and Milan.

One of the perks of studying in Italy is that you’re literally surrounded by history almost everywhere you go – and some of that has to seep into your brain at some point. Anyone studying Italian, fashion, history, or religion could do worse than studying in Italy.
10) Switzerland:
What words come to mind when you hear the name Switzerland: central, mountains, lakes, banking, chocolate, technology, yodeling, railroads, or neutral? Switzerland is known for a variety of disparate reasons, but what unites them is a country that embraces the strength that comes from diversity. The Swiss landscape awes visitors from the moment they get a glimpse of those first mountain peaks or stare into the depths of a Swiss lake. Switzerland can boast some of the finest technological research facilities and institutions in the world, but at the same time they maintain a quaint persona as the home of yodelers and the famous Heidi. And of course there is the continuing enigma of Switzerland's position as a 'neutral' country despite their centrality in Europe. But perhaps Switzerland's greatest achievement and the reason they deserve a place in the pantheon of world influences, is their chocolate!
 Apart from this, Switzerland has twelve public universities offering a wide range of first-rate educational opportunities to national and international students. ETH Zurich and EPFL, the two federal institutes of technology, are world leaders in science and engineering education, and research. It is the best choice for students who like to study in the fields of  Travel amp; tourism, Hotel management etc.
11) Russia:
   Very friendly to Indian students, Russia has always been known for its quality education system, particularly programs in engineering and medicine. The Russian degrees have got global recognition and have topped WHO and UNESCO rankings.

12) Spain:
   Since so many college students are taking Spanish as their foreign language, it makes sense that Spain should rank so highly on a list of places to study overseas. In addition to the language-learning and other schooling reasons for spending a term or a year in Spain, there are the more travel-oriented reasons – Spain is, after all, a backpacker’s delight. The cities of Barcelona and Madrid are veritable magnets for young people, and the fact that the parties last all night is only one thing drawing them. The combination of European culture and a Mediterranean climate are just too good to pass up.

Besides Barcelona and Madrid, other popular cities to study in are Granada and Seville, but there are plenty of location around Spain which are worth looking into for your study abroad experience. Art and architecture students in particular appreciate what Spain has to offer.

13) Mexico:
   Maybe you’re studying Spanish but you’re not really interested in following the student hordes to Barcelona. Whatever your reason, students of Spanish in North America definitely shouldn’t overlook the big Spanish-speaking country just south of the U.S. border. It’s a different kind of Spanish language you’ll be learning, but Mexico is a country with a rich culture and distinct history that makes it an excellent place to study abroad.
Aside from the obvious language-learning perks and the cultural immersion that you can get in Mexico, we can’t blame you if you’re also thinking that studying in Mexico makes you that much closer to some of the best Spring Break destinations on earth. Yeah, we know that’s what you’re thinking. Just make sure you get some schoolwork done, okay?

14) China:
   China has been on the rise as a popular place to study abroad for many years now, probably mostly due to the country’s overall rise on the world stage as an economic power. Learning one of the Chinese languages, while incredibly challenging, is one big step on the road to international business success in the modern world and there’s no better way to get a leg up on the language thing than going straight to the source in China.
But that international business success isn’t just about knowing the language, it’s also about knowing the intricacies of the culture, and studying in China will give you insights that others just won’t have. So in addition to the incredible experiences you’ll have as a student in China, you can also benefit greatly from your new cultural perspective later in life.

15) Costa Rica: 
  In addition to Spain and Mexico, Costa Rica ranks highly on the list of potential study abroad destinations for students of Spanish. The country is famous for its lack of a standing army, its general acceptance of foreigners (it’s a popular place for expats to retire), and its plethora of ecotourism opportunities. Oh, and if you’re cultivating a burgeoning addiction to coffee, you can’t go wrong in Costa Rica.

From a traveler’s perspective, Costa Rica has the added benefit of being in a cheaper part of the world to visit than the more popular study abroad locations in Europe. And from a student’s perspective, if you’re studying anything related to nature you may think you’ve died and gone to heaven by studying in Costa Rica. Unless, of course, there are no final exams in your version of heaven.

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