Too Dangerouus

 Check out this video. It's too dangerous. Never ever try this.

Check out the news appeared on THE TIMES OF INDIA on the above video.

Extreme train stunt stuns railways, commuters

MUMBAI: A video of a young man and his friend performing extremely dangerous stunts in a moving suburban train, which was recently posted online and has since gone viral, has drawn strong criticism from both railways as well as activists.

The video shows one of the men dangerously lean out of a train, slap overhead equipment poles, leap on to the wall of a bridge, run on it for a few moments and then, once again, leap on to the train - all this, while the train is in motion between Cotton Green and Reay Road stations.

Sharat Chandrayan, chief public relations officer, Western Railways, said, "It is a dangerous and an insane act of rashness, which nobody should replicate. Nobody should praise or sensationalize the clip."

VA Malegaonkar, chief public relations officer, Central Railway, seconded that the man in the video has risked his life for a few minutes of fame.

"I appeal to people to not replicate this act, as it is extremely risky." Both Central and Western railways spend thousands on creating awareness against rooftop travel and leaning dangerously out of trains.

Section 156 of the Railway Act can be invoked against a commuter travelling dangerously. The Act specifies that an accused can be fined Rs 500 or sent to prison for three months, or both.

Samir Zaveri, a railway activist, has requested commuters to halt a train by pulling the chain whenever they see a reckless stunt.

Commuters told TOI that most youngsters indulge in such mindless acts close to the ladies' compartment to impress female commuters.

Bhavesh Patel, another railway activist, said commuters should immediately call up the railway helpline number so that offenders can be handed over to the police at the next station.

Shailesh Goyal of the National Rail Users' Consultative Committee, said that not just passengers, but even the train's motorman or guard should immediately report the commuter to the police if they witness such an act.

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